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Photos from the Mongolian Gobi

Here are some recent snaps from my filming mission in the Gobi desert, Mongolia. As mentioned, have been shooting a small UNU story about the disastrous desertification of the Gobi. The story will focus on the efforts of a small Gobi/Japanese research project.

Technical word of advice: if you are taking camera equipment into the desert…. make sure you take aerosol of canned air, a self-pumping air brush in your pocket and an air-proof camera bag (eg pelican case). Even with all this, absolutely everything was caked in dust… every evening!

First snow in Altai

Finishing up in Russian Altai.  Heading to the airport now to catch the next breeze to Mongolian Gobi for another climate change desertification story about… grass!

Would you believe it?…  tfer says it’s full circle!

As we speed across the Russian countryside, here’s the view looking out from our little warm bubble of a Toyota.

Nanoo nanoo to my southern mob starting to feel the summer!!   Brrrrr