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Going Bush 2 (2007)

Going Bush 2 (2007)
SBSTV and Discovery Channel
Series Producer
5 X 30 min + website

Australian Olympic gold medallist, Cathy Freeman and Luke Carroll embarked on a 3000km odyssey to Australia’s outermost edge. The road trip took them from Uluru to Cape York and onto the islands of the Torres Strait. Produced for Lonely Planet TV, SBS and Discovery Channel.

Walking on country with spirits (2008)

Walking on country with spirits: Biodiversity loss in Australia’s wet tropics (2009)
6 minute video-brief for United Nations University & Kuku Ngyunkal elders
6 min + web story

Located on the eastern shore of Australias tropical north, Shiptons Flat is home to Marilyn, a Kuku Nyungkal Aboriginal woman, and her family. She has been living here the ancestral way far removed from the services and conveniences of modern life as part of the sublime performance of nature. Like her ancestors before her, Marilyn walks through the Nyungkal bubu, the Nyungkals country, acknowledging and conversing with the Spirit beings around her.



Sea Level Rise in Kowanyama, Australia (2008)

Sea-level rise in Kowanyama, Australia (2009)
6 minute video-brief for United Nations University & Kowanyama Land Office
6 min + web story

When that whole ocean comes and rises up, where are we going to go? ponders Inherkowinginambana, a Kunjen elder from Kowanyama, a coastal Aboriginal community in tropical Queensland, Australia. Every year it (the tide) comes in, it goes a bit further up.once it hits the swamps, that will kill all the plant life, and the waterways adds an Aboriginal ranger who works with local elders to protect Aboriginal country and culture.