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 Citt Williams is a passionate and proactive digital filmmaker, storyteller and environmental scientist based at the United Nations University  in Tokyo. Her produced documentaries have been screened at various festivals including Cannes, by  broadcasters Discovery and National Geographic and at the United Nations headquarters events, the Asia Pacific Triennial, and the National Museum of Denmark. Her digital media work has been used as a visual text at various intergovernmental negotiations, academic think tanks symposiums and across international educational platforms.

Citt has produced, sought finance and shot independent documentaries in India, Nepal, Tajikistan, Siberia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, France, Borneo, Australia and from a bicycle seat in Outer Mongolia. From 2003-2005, Citt was the Executive Producer at CAAMA (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association) and enjoyed vivid Indigenous-led collaborations between  traditional owners and some of Australia’s leading Indigenous filmmakers. She has also proudly worked with Alliance Atlantis, CBC, Lonely Planet, Tribune Entertainment, Disney, MTV, Warner Brothers, ABC Seven & Nine Networks (Australia), UN and government departments, as well as various grassroots organizations and alliances.

An interdisciplinary academic, she holds a MSc (Social Science of the Internet) from University of Oxford, a MSc (Climate Change) from University of East Anglia and a MA (Documentary) from the prestigious Australian Film Television and Radio School. Citt has published on media and digital political ecology including the use of media texts in environmental governance discourses and the relationship of situated digital connectivity to Arctic Council negotiations. She has taught tertiary documentary courses to university students and remote communities of Australia as well as facilitated international film festivals (live and online).

After a life changing solo journey across the Silk Road in 2007, Citt has been mainly based at the United Nations University, Tokyo, where amongst international cross-cultural environments she collaborates with multi-disciplinary teams. Her communications work encompass intergovernmental, national, regional and locally situated issues, and strives to build dialogical bridges between diverse groups (and knowledge systems). As a constant traveller living contently from a suitcase, she deeply values the abiding relationships and ongoing partnerships with individuals and communities with whom she has worked and is ongoing in co-creating media projects that entertain, educate and help resonate local narratives at the planetary level.

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[Postcard home whilst travelling by train across the Kazakhstan Steppes, 2007]