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Just chillin’ with the frozen dogs

Here in Southern Siberia, the local word for cold is “sock”. And with temperatures this year dipping to around -52, the Altaiskis in Kosh Agach are definitely keeping this word alive.

In my little russian hat and boots, I don’t think i have a right to complain. Yesterday, whilst standing around outside in balmy -10, the head of the post office joked with me it was like summer.

But the reality of the Siberian winter here took effect one morning, when I was venturing out from our warm house to the thunderbox (backyard toilet).

Glancing over the back fence, i was at first horrified, then quietened.

For those of you who are Buddhists, say a karmic prayer. Let’s hope we can all avoid being reincarnated as a camp dog in Siberia.

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