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“Entering the snow leopards lair” story

A short story, I wrote about my recent snow leopard horse trek in Russian Altai’s remote Argut Valley was published today on the UNU’s Our World 2.0 site.  Enjoy and please share with friends!!

“The Altai mountain pony below me stumbles on a wobbly rock. I breathe in sharply as loose shale slides off the cliff’s edge and bounces towards the frozen Argut River below. Aduchy, my indigenous Altaian guide, twists around in his saddle and re-counts his travel companions. He motions for me to lean forward. Over the Siberian wind’s howl, my interpreter Irena loudly translates in her thick Russian accent: “Sit forward to help the climbing horse.” … read more here

And a rather wild and woolly shot from the field… here we are in the back country of Argut valley, Siberian Altai, Feb 2010. About -20 and Irena my beautiful Altaian friend and translator, is following on horseback. it was one of those days….the sun was shining and the heart was free and happy.

snow leopards on my mind

As some of you know, I was in Russian Altai (again) in March. This time, learning about the UNDP conservation and tracking of snow leopards in a remote valley about 40km from the Kazakh/Chinese border.

The story (with slideshow) is due to be published this week on Our World 2.0, and I promise to update it here for you as well.

I was really compelled to share this particular wilderness adventuress story. It left a lasting impression on me and I hope in some small way, I can eventually contribute to a larger climate biodiversity adaptation project being discussed.

During the trip, I learnt the Altai mountains are also full of wild wolves. As we slept in our pup tent, they sniffed about our camp at night leaving tracks which our guide Adduchee later pointed out. We never heard them, but as @andibartz points out on her blog, this little video is 500 times more rad than Wolf parade!! heehheeheee