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“Ethical Cities – an idea whose time has come”

Reflecting on these last crazy days of elections and political participation, it seems like we are going through some interesting times!

In unison, over the last six months, I have been in Melbourne working with long time UNU collaborator Brendan Barrett to create a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for RMIT.

The 5 week course is on Ethical Cities. It positions cities as the main site of rapid transformation and asks how might city development into the future be ethical? Through guest lectures, class discussions, activities and case studies it covers four key areas: ethical leadership, ethical planning, ethical business, and ethical citizenship.

Here’s the trailer I made using our interview material as well as selects from the creative commons repository on vimeo.
Over two thousand people from all corners of the world are signed up to start the course this coming Monday… (I’m one of the mentors). Join us in positively shaping the future of your city!

For more details, read this article in The Conversation written by Brendan earlier this year.

“More than ever, our cities need ethical leadership – good governance, transparency, public trust building and fairness. They need ethically based planning to deal with the complex challenges facing our communities. This depends on our willingness to tackle the tough questions around sustainability, resilience, economic vibrancy and inclusiveness.

There is also our role as citizens. What are our expectations of ourselves as ethical, engaged citizens? What do we expect and deserve, and what are we prepared to commit to each other in the ethical city? What kind of citizens do we need to be?”