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Life in the fast lane, travelling locally in Iran.

Dad and I are at it again. Exporing the silk road, and this time its Iran.

Like two kids in a huge adventure playground, we explore foreign lands for hidden treasures and often stumble into other peoples adventures.

We arrived here about 10 days ago on route from south-eastern Turkey and so far have seen the second oldest bazaar in the world (Tabriz), hitched through the Kurdistan mountains along the Iran-Iraq border (safe and sound), sat in peace at one of the most beautiful garden squares of the world (Esfahan), whilst drinking litres and litres of sweet tea and kgs of seasoned kebab meats at various kurbside establishments.


Esfahan's famous Imam Square

The best way to describe this place is unexpected. we are stunned daily by the beauty, diversity, caring hospitality and intactness of ancient sights… probably some of the best antiquities of the ancient world are here.  its mind blogging.

I rate the travel experience here and and sggest others leave all assumption at the border when you cross.  Be prepared to hang onto your hat, they drive faster than Ayton Senna!!!! But, there are few places elsewhere, where I’ve felt so  intrigued.

its rather hard to update blogs (as you can imagine) so I’ll do my best now with help from friends through the teacup twitter feed (see teacup site for the link) and Ill post another images postcard when im back in stable digital ground. Just wanted to say hi to you from here and to share my happiness.


stories from the ground

Well it seems,over the years I’ve developed this fetish for taking pictures of the ground. I like coming across remnants of culture, and other peoples stories.


chocolate and cigarettes

At the UEA bustop (2011)



Concrete path, Setulang Village, Borneo (2009)


foot stopper

UEA campus (2011)


foot stopper

Buckingham Palace (2010)


West end hi

With Mr Bond in West End (2006)

Going Bush – Series 2 (2006)

5 X 25 minute documentary series
Director: Tony Jackson Production: Lonely Planet TV

Cathy Freeman and Luke Carroll embarked on a 3000km odyssey to Australia’s outermost edge. The road trip took them from Uluru to Cape York and onto the islands of the Torres Strait.

Episode 2 – Uluru and Aboriginal superheroes