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“Entering the snow leopards lair” story

A short story, I wrote about my recent snow leopard horse trek in Russian Altai’s remote Argut Valley was published today on the UNU’s Our World 2.0 site.  Enjoy and please share with friends!!

“The Altai mountain pony below me stumbles on a wobbly rock. I breathe in sharply as loose shale slides off the cliff’s edge and bounces towards the frozen Argut River below. Aduchy, my indigenous Altaian guide, twists around in his saddle and re-counts his travel companions. He motions for me to lean forward. Over the Siberian wind’s howl, my interpreter Irena loudly translates in her thick Russian accent: “Sit forward to help the climbing horse.” … read more here

And a rather wild and woolly shot from the field… here we are in the back country of Argut valley, Siberian Altai, Feb 2010. About -20 and Irena my beautiful Altaian friend and translator, is following on horseback. it was one of those days….the sun was shining and the heart was free and happy.

Movies in Moscow – 27th-30th May

To follow on from the previous post… an invite has been extended for 3 of the Our World 2.0 Indigenous climate films to screen in Moscow at the H20 film festival from the  27-30th May, 2010. I think our 3 films will be screening on the Friday night (28th May) around 7:30pm. For more information check out the festival’s site:

I also found a short Moscow times article listing the 4 day program. After finally finishing the Russian subtitles for these beauties, oh, how I wish I could be there to cheer everybody’s stories along! Raaaaa!!!!!

The Wisdom Years: Ageing into the 21st Century (2008)

Here’s our recently completed documentary from the UNU Media Studio and World Health Organisation.

The Wisdom Years: Ageing into the 21st Century (26 minutes)

In Japan, one of the richest, most technological and urbanized countries in the world, more than 20% of the population is now over 65. This is part of a global ageing trend that has serious consequences for our economy and society.

The Wisdom Years documentary offers glimpses into the urban lives of 70, 90 and 100 year old Japanese people and their secrets to maintaining physical, mental and social health.  Through scientific breakthroughs, and these everyday stories, we witness the transformation of the senior citizen in the 21st Century.

The Wisdom Years takes place in Japan, and offers a springboard from which to explore the process of ageing in other cities around the world.

For more clips and case study information visit website at

The premier screening at UNU Tokyo headquarters is pictured below. Photo by Jason Hall.

Wisdom Years premier screening at UNU Headquarters

Leading visions on Climate Change (2008)

In the spirit of the UNFCCC Poznan meetings currently taking place in Poland, here are the full interviews we posted at the UNU’s Climate Change symposium back in July…

Leading visions on Climate Change

Over the last couple of months, we have been doing quite a lot of work on Climate Change. A recent UNU symposium “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Time of Climate Change” brought together some of the world’s leading scientists and writers on environmental issues, including ground breaking thinkers whose work and research are at the intersection of science, policy making and communications. The symposium invited them to examine how our thinking needs to change if we are to collectively take on the myriad challenges presented by global warming.

The Media Studio was lucky enough to interview several of the speakers throughout the day and the resulting videos offer an insightful, and at times confronting, perspective on current Climate Change dialogues.  The below interviews embedded in the neat new vimeo gallery player include:

Dr. James E. Hansen from the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, USA
Prof. Gwyn Prins, Director of the Mackinder Centre at the London Schools of Economic and Political Science, UK
Prof David Sanborn Scott, from the University of Victoria, Canada
Dr. Alex Evans, Centre on International Cooperation, New York University, USA
Ted Nordhaus, Chairman, Breakthrough Institute, USA
Prof. Shuzo Nishioka, Senior Advisor, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
David Steven, Managing Director, River Path Associates, UK

Source: United Nations University Media Studio

TICAD podcasts (2008)

As promised, here’s a hot off the press sample of the podcast work we have been doing at the United Nations University… aimed at policy makers and the general public.

PRIORITY AFRICA – Climate Change
A short UNU podcast focusing on climate change impact in Africa and some of the priority issues and solutions. Filmed during the 2008 TICAD IV summit in Yokohama, the podcast features interviews with key UNU academics and several high-level delegates including Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai and Calestous Juma.

Music by Flux and Vega,
PRIORITY AFRICA – Climate Change from UNUChannel on Vimeo.